Monday, April 2, 2012

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  1. IcarosDesktop 1.4 released, AspireOS 1.7 released, Odyssey Web Browser 1.16 released

  2. New Developer Wanted for Zune Enhancement Project:

    Krzysztof Smiechowicz has asked to longer be assigned to the Zune Enhancement bounty project. He kindly shared his work so far and had the following to say about his progress:

    "The work is around 20% done. All improved code has been committed to both ABI V0 and ABI V1 branches.

  3. AROS alive - Part 4 is in the works.... (AROS video)

  4. - April 2016 Highlights
    Krzysztof Smiechowicz posted latest highlights (April) from AROS development team at

  5. AROS Survey 2016 Results - "Deadwood" published the results of his AROS survey on

  6. ShapeShifter (Apple Macintosh 68k emulator) source code has been released to AmiNet!
    It's 100% assembler code, thus of limited relevance for AROS, but still a nice addition - big thanks to Christian Bauer for creating ShapeShifter, and releasing the sources!

  7. AROS running on Vampire, and S-AGA going open-source!
    With the Vampire accelerator boards out and in mass production, and AROS gaining momentum on m68k, it has been announced that the Apollo/Vampire team will open-source their S-AGA enhanced Amiga-compatible chipset!

    Yes, it looks like it's finally happening. A new Amiga. :-)

  8. "Tower 57" is out!
    Massive arcade shoot'em up dual player action game for AROS released. Also available for AmigaOS4, MorphOS, Windows, Mac. You can get this colorful, dieselpunk-style, fast-paced, 16-bit inspired top-down shooter for only 11.99 US Dollar (or more, if you like)!
    Read more at: